Design Thinking Insights Sticky Note Pad (10-Pack)

Design Thinking Insights Sticky Note Pad (10-Pack)

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Move from research to insights faster with these custom-designed Post-It Note pads. Each pad contains 25 Post-It Notes (3" x 4") with our go-to sentence starters for data analysis and synthesis. 

You should know…

This helps us capture interesting insights into an individual’s life and experiences with the problem space. It could be a strength or preference this person has or be directed at the product or service with which they are interacting.

Better means…

Overlappers are always trying to understand what better means for the individuals in the problem space. It could be a goal or change they want to see in their life or with the product or service.

I need…

Better understanding the specific needs of a person experiencing the problem can give us great insight into the problem and potential solutions. Think of a need statement as a task this person is trying to accomplish. 

Direct quote 

When we can’t break responses down into individual statements, we use direct quotes to capture nuance and connections between themes. While we don’t always use the quote in our analysis, they help us demonstrate and communicate our insights.