Idea Brief Worksheet: Pad
Idea Brief Worksheet: Pad

Idea Brief Worksheet: Pad

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The Idea Brief Worksheet was designed by the Overlap team to support a consistent method for capturing your top ideas after an ideation session. Ever wonder what you're suppose to do with all those sticky notes at the end of your workshop? Look no further than this extremely worksheet with 50 pages to capture your top ideas.

This worksheet walks you through:

  • a way to expand and articulate your idea
  • explore what makes the idea important and applicable to your project
  • capture and think through the information necessary to build a functional prototype

These worksheets provide prompts that can get your thinking started and can be the headings in an idea brief report, slide deck or summary. You can use our Card Deck or Process Cards to help you explore the idea further, decide which ideas to pursue or think about ways to prototype them.

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 50, double-sided
Binding: Perfect Bound